• The Wanderer Returns

    Hubby is coming home for the weekend today and I’m dead excited!!

    Baby E has her new dress on especially.

    I was going to cook him a nice meal with all the trimmings but I can’t be assed so we’re getting a takeaway instead but I’ll let him watch Wheeler Dealers (which is the most stupid program in the world ever that some idiot actually took time to make and thought it was good) whilst I do all the ordering and everything.

    Ooooh, I’m such a good wife.

  • Long Time No See

    Hey, guess what y’all, Nonny’s back!

    Mostly because hubby’s away for 6 weeks so I need some form of entertainment on these lonely evenings but also because I missed you all too!!

    I’ve spent most of the last ten weeks cleaning up poo and it’s been great. My right shoulder constantly smells of baby sick and I have to keep my nails filed short and sometimes I even forget to put on make up in the morning but it’s all good, I’m having the time of my life.

    My wee angel is sleeping through the night, she’s really very advanced for a 10 week old, her favourite colour is pink, she likes shiny things, Topshop and going out for lunch with the girls. It’s quite clever for a 10 week old to have a favourite colour wouldn’t you say.
    She was quite distressed today because she’s grown out of her favourite trousers but she soon cheered up because mummy’s new Ugg boots were delivered and I promised her we could go to Mothercare and get a matching pair for her, hers will be fake of course but hey, she’s only 10 weeks old, she totally understands.

    Chip of the old block huh.

  • The New Arrival

    Hi All

    Apologies for not being a very good blogger but I've been kind of busy.

    Eilean Rachel Abdy (thats pronounced Ale-an for all you non scottish folk, it's a gaelic word meaning island) was born on Sunday 4th November weighing 7lb 8oz. She has beautiful blue eyes and lots of wavy dark hair.
    Her big brother is delighted with her, hubby is completely smitten and I'm just totally in love with her.
    We are all completely knackered but extremely happy.....and my jeans fit again, what more could you wish for!

    Maybe at some point in the next 5 years I'll get round to blogging again!

  • title-2392979

    Ok,I've been tagged to to give 7 random facts about myself. so here goes:

    1) I have a habit of saying really dumb things, My brain doesn't connect to my mouth quite a lot of the time.

    2) I once won an award for the most sales in the North of Scotland when I worked for a bank, I got a really crappy certificate in a cheap plastic frame and I think i threw it straight in the bin but if it moves, I can sell it a credit card.

    3) I do a brilliant impression of a blow up doll, it's my party piece, honestly, I rock.

    4)I've been barred from the kebab shop out side our local nightclub, it wasn't entirely my fault although I was a bit drunk but I think the guy behind the counter was just a bit sensitive, anyway, I'm allowed back in and he loves me now so all's well that ends well.

    5)I once did some modelling for a Harris Tweed catalogue, I know, I know. If you Google Alice Starmore, In the Hebrides that's me on the cover with massive hair looking like a bit of a tool with the most disgusting outfit you've ever seen in your life on.

    6)I have a bit of a thing for distinguished, elderly gentlemen with white hair and beards, not like Father Christmas beards but Kenny Rogers beards, sometimes they don't even need to have a beard, I just want to sit on their knee and hug them, I can't help it.

    7) My friends and family are the most important things in my life and I love them so much.

    I'm not going to tag anyone because as usual I'm last and I think everyone has done it already. I know I'm slow but don't pick on the pregnant chick.

    I'm going now to write a proper post and read what everyone has been up to which i haven't done for ages.

  • Where's my waist gone and who stuck a pair of boulders down my bra????

    This pregnancy stuff, man, it’s hard work!

  • Drum Roll Please..........

    Hi all you guys.

    Well, I pretty much haven’t written anything on here for the last 6 months or so, so for everyone that hasn’t deleted me from your friends list, thank you, and for those of you that have, I don’t blame you, I would have deleted me too.

    Anyway, I’ve got some big news…………..I’m pregnant!

    I’m really, really happy and even though it’s quite early and I’m not really telling anybody yet I’ve just gone and told the whole darn internet and I feel a whole lot better now.
    I was never any good at keeping secrets anyway.

  • title-1300908

    Right, the self pitying moaney, whining crap is over with.

    I had a massive clear out this weekend, honestly, housework is therapeutic, I feel so much better now, plus you can actually walk into my bedroom and see the floor. It feels sooo good.
    I was ruthless, I even tidied out my make up which turned out to be a brilliant idea because I found 2 brand new Benefit lipsticks and my sparkly Christian Dior lip gloss in the silver box with Swarovski crystals which I thought I’d lost.
    Tonight I’m going to tackle my bags and shoes……..which may take some time!

    It was my birthday last week and I was 31. 31 is so much worse than 30. I am really having trouble accepting the fact that I’m slightly over the hill now and maybe I should throw out anything with a hemline above the knee and maybe it’s time to stop pretending I’m a grown up and actually be a grown up.
    My son made me feel really old yesterday in the car on our way to MacDonalds when he asked me what my favourite toy was when I was a little girl and I told him I liked Barbie dolls and he was shocked and said “but they didn’t have Barbies when you were young did they” at which point I burst out laughing and said “of course they did” to which he replied “Oh right, but they were all wooden weren’t they”?
    At which point I burst out crying.
    Well not really but my hysterical laughing turned into a kind of strangled squealing sound and I realised my 9 year old son thinks I’m ancient.
    So to make myself feel better I said “Ryan, I’m not that old you know, I’m younger than your friends mums”
    “No you’re not, Ben’s mum is only 29”
    (So now I’m getting desperate)
    “Oh right, well I bet she’s fat though”
    “Not really she’s well thinner than you”
    By now I had lost the will to live and when we reached the drive through and he wanted a McFlurry for his lunch I didn’t have the energy to say no.

    I suppose there’s always Botox. (and Slimfast).

  • She's off again......

    Ok, I’m going to moan now, just because I can.

    I have had the mother of all crappy weeks, I came back form holiday all chilled and then when I came back to work it all went pear shaped. Basically something that I had been working on for a good month has been cocked up because of someone else’s error.
    When I say working on what I mean is busting my ass, losing sleep, putting in extra hours and now it’s buggered.
    I am so disillusioned right now and I know I’m being a moany cow but I just don’t care.
    Ok. I feel better now.

    I know I haven’t posted on here for ages and probably nobody even reads this anymore because I’m just the miserable one who disappears for ages and then comes back and whines about crap that nobody even cares about but hell I don’t even care.

    I’m going to go kick something.

    Then I’m going shopping.

  • Aye Up Peeps, I've Been on Holiday!!!!!

    holiday 081holiday 122holiday 089

  • Nonny's Adventures in Wonderland

    You know what, I went to the conference in Alton Towers and had a blast!

    I really, really didn’t want to go and trust me, I tried so hard to get out of it but in the end I just thought “right, sack up ho, pack your bags, drive down there and sit in your hotel room for 2 nights being miserable and eating chocolate”.
    I was booked into a Travel Lodge which is ok, but they are really basic and this one didn’t even have a decent restaurant next to it, it had a Little Chef……Little Chef (aka Little Thief)….these guys are even worse cooks than I am.

    So my first night was pretty miserable and I even considered getting in the car and just driving home again but I stayed and went to the conference the net day, which did I mention was at ALTON TOWERS. How cool is that.
    The conference was pretty rubbish to be honest but I met some really nice people. After the first day we all went for a drink in the bar where I was moaning about my crappy hotel room so this lovely wee man who was organising the conference scammed me a free room in the Alton Towers hotel. Room service, Sky TV, free shower gel, I was like a pig in mud and I didn’t even have to pay a penny. I was so chuffed and I got to go to this big gala dinner they were having in the hotel with a big swing band and this crazy wee American magician who tried to stick me in a box and cut me in half. No word of a lie.

    It’s a long story but basically when they were practising his wife wouldn’t fit in the box and because I’m pretty small he thought, “you’ll do” so I had to climb inside this big wooden box whilst he shoved a big sheet of metal and a hollow tube through.
    He made me promise not to tell how it’s done so I won’t and besides he was a nice wee man, if a bit crazy and he did give me a stuffed fireman bear afterwards so I couldn’t possibly reveal his secrets.
    So anyway, I was inside this box thing and he was shoving great big sheets of metal through and shouting “guide the blade, guide the blade” which wasn’t an altogether pleasant experience if I’m honest and his wife was outside yelling
    “You ok in there honey”?
    “Ok. Great”
    Hello! I’m being cut in half by your husband here, I’m not enjoying this!
    She was a lovely lady but she was one of these people who just smile all the time when they’re talking, which just isn’t normal.
    Turns out however that I was too big for the box. When he tried to shove the hollow tube through he couldn’t get it past my head. I’m 5 foot 2 and weigh 7 and a half stone, this box was built for an 8 year old child. Luckily there was none of these running around or he would probably have grabbed it and tried to decapitate it with his great big hollow tube because you could see he was getting desperate by this stage.
    My moment in the spotlight was snatched away from me. Damn shame.
    So instead I sat up in the bar with all the other guys till silly o clock in the morning drinking things with cherries and umbrellas in them and yes, I was the last in the bar. I’m hardcore me.

    The next day we got free priority passes into the theme park which was ace because we didn’t have to queue at all, we just waltzed past waving our V.I.P passes whilst everyone gave us dirty looks and we just glared back with our “don’t you know who I am” looks.
    I was so proud of myself. I went on every single ride. Last time I went to Alton Towers I queued for an hour and a half for Nemesis only to chicken out just as I was about to get on. Hubby has never let me live that one down but one in the eye to you pal because I went on every single ride.

    Admittedly I kept my eyes closed on every single one and I only went on because I had gained a bit of a reputation for being pretty much game for anything, you know, with the being cut in half thing, and I didn’t want to destroy the illusion but that’s beside the point. I still did it. I was so proud of myself.

    So Alton Towers was pretty much brilliant. I had such a good time I really don’t know what all the moaning was about.

    ddd 135
    Don't mess with my bear, he's a fireman!


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